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As part of the CNN Tech 2024 conference, the Regional Innovation Forum 2024 will also be held, which includes "B2B - Busines to busines" meetings and the "Workshop" co-organized by the European Entrepreneurship Network, at Belgrade on Jun 25, 2024 at the same time as CNN Tech 2024.

Regional Innovation Forum: Promoting Entrepreneurship through Innovation - Challenges in R&D Institutions and Possible Solutions

Preliminary Program

10:30 - 11:30: Presentations

1. Mladjan Stojanović – "Licensing an Innovative Drug for Children: The Result of a Horizon Project"
2. Sladjan Adžić, Institute for Vegetable Crops, Smederevska Palanka – "New Plant Variety and Development Collaboration with company Syngenta"
3. Oskar Marko, Biosense – "Using Artificial Intelligence for Early Prediction of Wheat Yields"

11:30 - 12:30: Panel Discussion

Topic: "How to Commercialize Research Work"

- Panelists: Mladjan Stojanović, Sladjan Adzic, Oskar Marko, Tadej Kurepa
- Moderator: Milos Milosevic

12:30 - 12:40: Presentation

Jelena Stanarević, Innovation Fund - "Is Your Idea Ready for the Global Market - How to Raise the Technological Readiness Level?!"


Tadej Kurepa, DSI - "How Universities Support Researchers in Identifying and Solving Work Challenges"

Imagine yourself working in a lab, facing challenges in your research, but finding ways to solve them! How can you turn these challenges into money, create a startup, and profit from your innovations? Tadej will provide insight on how scientific research institutions can support this transition from lab work to the business sphere, enabling researchers to turn their ideas into products or services they can sell, license, and start a business with.

Oskar Marko, Biosense - "Innovation in Academia: How to Turn Ideas into Business"

Have you ever thought about applying your ideas and solutions while working at a university or research institute to start a startup rather than just publishing papers? Do you want to hear from colleagues who have successfully licensed, founded startups, earned over 600,000 euros, and entered the market to gain clients? We will learn more about this journey from Oskar Marko, a senior research associate, who will share his experience in turning academic ideas into successful business ventures.

Sladjan Adžić,  Institute for Vegetable Crops – "Super Sweet Cabbage from Serbia Conquers the World"

How to produce super sweet cabbage, protect the plant variety, and market the seeds internationally? How to increase resistance to various diseases and create an improved hybrid, and what is the strategy for scalability?

Jelena Stanarević, Innovation Fund – "Is Your Idea Ready for the Global Market - How to Raise the Technological Readiness Level?!"

How do successful spinout projects emerge from research institutions? Jelena Stanarević will talk about the Innovation Fund’s Technology Transfer program, which helps researchers commercialize their inventions. Through examples, she will explain how research teams have raised their Technological Readiness Level (TRL), protected intellectual property (IP), and found international partners and clients. If you have an idea born from scientific research that you think deserves a place in the market, come to the event and find out how you can follow the example of successful ones!



Within the WORKSHOP, we will also listen to the representatives of the Institute for the Protection of Intellectual Property which will present the ways and conditions to protect your idea in the best possible way. 

Over 40 companies are expected to take part in the Forum, together with the following co-organizers within the European Entrepreneurship Network:
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Serbia
- Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje
- Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Republic of Srpska
- University of Montenegro - Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
- Ministry of Economy of Montenegro
- University of East Sarajevo


B2B meetings

B2B meetings are a quick and easy way to meet potential partners. People are meeting very quickly. 15 minutes is often enough time to connect, then the bell rings and the next meeting begins. If there is an interest in cooperation, you can continue the discussion during breaks.

Online registration

Register through the site below and set up your cooperation profile.
(Participation in the forum is free.)

In your profile you can choose which technology / products / expertise / service you offer, what kind of cooperation you are looking for and what ideas you would like to discuss with potential partners.